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About Us Jiangsu Chenggong Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD. is located in the attractive as well as the open-up city----Jiangyin city.To the east is the metropolis - Shanghai city, to the south is the Taihu Pearl ---- Wuxi City and the north is international tradeport – Zhangjiagang Port. With pretty convenient river, land and air transportation , showing the exceptional advantage of "CHENGGONG" to the world.
Certification of ISO9001. Our product has been exported to Southeast Asia ... Read more>>
  • Electrical conveyor belt vulcanizer

    Electrical conveyo

  • Water cooling conveyor belt vulcanizer

    Water cooling conv

  • Modular conveyor belt vulcanizer

    Modular conveyor b

  • CGXBJ-1 C Clamp spot repair vulcanizer

    CGXBJ-1 C Clamp sp

  • CGXBJ-3 longitudinal tear repair vulcanizer

    CGXBJ-3 longitudin

  • CGXBJ-2 belt edge repair vulcanizer

    CGXBJ-2 belt edge

  • CGXBJ-1 Cross beam spot repair vulcanizer

    CGXBJ-1 Cross beam

  • HD-111 skid detector

    HD-111 skid detect

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